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Who is Mikala Munter?One of the Best Since 2004

Mikala Münter is an international Grand Prix Dressage rider and has been competing for decades at the highest levels in the sport.

Dedicated to the pursuit of exceptional performance

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Learn more about Mikala Munter, and how she can help you achieve your most ambitious goals and projects.

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Mikala thrives to ride and train your horse to its best ability. Her goal is to make a healthy performance program and set a realistic goal for each horse in coordination with the owner.

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The welfare of the horse comes first! Horsemanship and the correct handling of each horse are a must.
If the horse is in our training program we require it to be shod every 4 to 6 weeks and be checked by a veterinarian on a regular basis.

An incredible trajectoryThe Results

Mikala Munter has a long list of show results from over 40 years of showing dressage. Currently, Mikala is showing Salsa Hit who she co-owns with Paul Bint, and her own Skyfall at the international Grand Prix level.

Success is a matter of dedication, and having
the right team by your side! Mikala Munter

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