Clinics & Training

Mikala Munter offers different training programs.

During the summer months Mikala travels to teach Clinics all over the States as well as in Europe. Please email Mikala directly for more information about the clinics. At her own Bell Tower Farm in Wellington, Florida Mikala offers private lessons, partial training or full training programs. Riders are welcome to trailer in for lessons as well. The latest addition to the program is «Online lessons» which has become highly successful.

Mikala thrives to ride and train your horse to its best ability. Her goal is to make a healthy performance program and set a realistic goal for each horse in coordination with the owner.

The welfare of the horse comes first! Horsemanship and correct handling of each horse is a must.
If the horse is in our training program we require it to be shod every 4 to 6 weeks and be checked by a veterinarian on a regular basis.

We recommend that each horse gets worked on by a Chiropractor, Massage Therapist, Osteopat or other Physical Therapist at least once per month to help prevent injuries.

Our horses are athletes and we feed them individually to make sure each horses’ nutritional needs are being met.

We provide basic supplements such as electrolytes and minerals, however, sport horses often need more specific supplements such as joint care, hoof care, extra vitamins, etc. These extra supplements will be purchased directly by the owner of each horse.

We keep a truck and trailer at the farm and offer to trailer horses in training to local shows at an additional cost.

If Mikala is away she will make sure the horse is being trained according to her program while she’s gone. There are no discounts for horses in full training.

Full training is a month-to-month program and is being paid in full by the 1st of the month with one month’s notice.

There is no extra schooling/coaching fee at shows in the Wellington area for horses in our full training program. For shows outside the Wellington area, the extra cost of living and traveling will be split between the riders/owners and added to the next month’s invoice.


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We offer:

Dry Stall – seasonal or year-round – This includes an oversize stall with Rubber mats, Automatic waterer, Ceiling fan and use of Paddocks and Tack room.

Bell Tower Farm will provide space for Hay, Shavings and Grain. Dry Stall does not include manure removal.

– Additional packages: Partial care – Includes feeding 3 times per day, stall cleaning, turn out, and night check.

– Full care: Includes feeding 3 times per day, stall cleaning, turnout, treadmill, grooming, and tacking. It does not include body clipping or show grooming.

– Night check: There is, blanket. Does not include leg wrapping. Hay and Blanket must be in front of each stall door.

– Full training: Lessons / training 5 days per week. Including show coaching. Does not include make-up lessons.

– Partial training: Lessons / training 3 times per week. Does not include show coaching.

– Partial training: Lessons / training 2 times per week. Does not include show coaching. 

– Limited trailer parking at additional cost.

– Apartments and Studios for rent.

– Trailering to shows may be offered for horses in full training at additional cost.

– Heavy Duty Washers available for boarders